15 DIY Mason Jar Craft Ideas

The are several DIY mason jar craft ideas that can be found to work anywhere from table top decors to kitchen party preps. In addition, the mason jar craft can be used as gifts to any loved one or family member. There are very many ideas that one can come up with using the mason jar. Some of them may include:

Mason Jar Vase
One of many and easy DIY mason jar craft ideas is properly arranging simple flowers such as holly berries, a Christmas greenery, and lilies into a mason jar and then giving it or them, depending on how many made, to neighbours or fellow co-workers. A few branches can be trimmed of a Christmas greenery tree so that they can neatly fit in the jar.

Popcorn Kit
Another idea using a mason jar would be crafting it into a popcorn kit that anyone can use while watching movies and especially during movie nights.

Bulb Holder
It would be quite easy and memorable making or planting a paper-white bulb in a mason jar and then giving it as a gift to any family member, co-workers, neighbours, or any loved one during a special occasion or holiday.

A “Mid-Life Crisis in a Jar” Gift
Making a gift using the numerous DIY mason jar craft ideas can also be a way to surprise someone close. Anyone particularly in love with vintage or fancy cars can be surprised by putting an antique car model that he or she dreams about and placing it in a jar just like ships are put in a bottle.

A Beverage Kit
Using mason jars that have handles, one can easily put together a beverage kit or a mug suited for any season. For someone particular, a set of his or her favourite sweeteners and favourite blends can be put in the mason jar.