17 DIY Decor With Rope Ideas

Ropes are something that we have used for a very long time, it is an item that has many uses and if you are into arts and crafts then you can use it to make different things. Using ropes to décor is a great way to decorate your homes, with the help of these ideas you can make your homes beautiful. Here you will find a few DIY décor with rope, it is a great way to decorate your home and that is why you should definitely try doing it.

Drawer Pulls
Using rope as drawer pulls is a brilliant way of using ropes. It goes absolutely well especially with a nautical theme. Using rope as drawer pulls is extremely easy as you only need to remove the extra hardware with a screwdriver and pass the rope through the holes and tie a tight knot. Once it is done then you will have a really beautiful drawer.

Striped Vase
A striped vase is a great way to decorate your home, making a striped vase is very easy. This is because you only need to take a vase and wind the vase with ropes and strings of different colors. Such a vase looks very beautiful especially when you put beautiful flowers in it.

Wall Art
Making wall art using ropes is a great way to decorate your homes, you can find many different styles of making wall art on the internet. Therefore, you should definitely try to make such art, this kind of wall art looks exceptionally beautiful.

These were a few things that you should know about DIY décor with rope, these were only a few ideas that you can use. However, you can find many more great ideas online, if you are into such decorations then you should definitely try using these ideas.