20 Koi Pond Ideas To Create A Unique Garden

Koi ponds are popular among people looking for stunning backyard ideas and closeness to Mother Nature. The natural appeal and wonderfully breath taking sight of pond has always been heart winning. Besides, creating a beautiful Koi pond is itself a hobby for you. But it is not a create-and-forget sort of hobbies. Rather, you need to be extremely careful for the living beings inside your fondly created pond. If you forget the daily efforts to keep the fish alive and maintain the first-rate status of the pond, you may lose all the splendor and life very soon. Having made up your mind to create and take care of it, there are various Koi pond ideas to select from.

Shady Koi Pond
The biggest advantage of a shady koi pond is minimum level of evaporation. Sunny koi pond ideas are also good, but the pools have lots of evaporation and cannot add to the serenity of the place as much as shady ones do. The appearance of a beautiful Koi pool under the shade of a green, eye-catching tree will have marvelous appeal to every eye.

Mediterranean Koi Pond
It is usually thought that this installation mixes up the spare, small pools, while they don’t tend to mix up with one another. If it happens, there will be no issue at all. On the other hand, they add to the beauty of location a lot. The tranquility of the space is mixed up with natural beauty, resulting in unforgettable experience.

Deep Koi Ponds
Instead of over concentrating on the length and width of your pool, focus on its depth because your hobby has something to do with water life, too. Koi needs more than 3 foot as perfect depth to swim inside. Deep Koi pond ideas give long life to fish and the beauty of the pool.