21 DIY Recycled Sewing Machine Ideas

There is a high possibility that you might own a sewing machine, may be you like to sew your own clothes or bed sheets, the reasons can be various for owning a sewing machine. Sew machines like all other accessories have a limited life span and after a certain duration they tend to stop working. Normally people throw away old sewing machines, but a better idea would be to reuse or recycle it in one way or the other. There are many DIY recycled sewing machine ideas that you can find and here you will find some of them.

As Dining Tables
Sewing machines normally come with a table which is at the perfect height to allow the person to easily work with the machine. Once your sewing machine gets busted you can choose to keep the table and turn it into a DIY dining table. This kind of dining table is small and has a unique look to it which is absolutely amazing.

Kitchen Island
There is always a time when you cannot find enough space in your kitchen to keep your things. You ultimately have to make some space and one of the best way to do is to use DIY recycled sewing machine ideas. You can use an old sewing machine table and keep it in the center of your kitchen and have a fancy look kitchen island.

Coffee Table
Old sewing machine tables also make great coffee tables, if you are planning to keep the table in the living room and the furniture is of the same color as the table then it will look all the more beautiful.

These were a few DIY recycled sewing machine ideas that you can use in order to reuse your sewing machines and tables. These ideas a unique therefore you should choose carefully and know what you want.