22 Beautiful And Creative DIY Newspaper Crafts

Newspapers are something that can be found in almost each and every home. This is because many people today still prefer to read their news on newspapers. Newspapers become useless the very next day that is why we normally have a heap of newspapers lying around just waiting to be discarded. You can perhaps discard the newspapers and make space for a new heap but if you love arts and crafts then you can choose to reuse these newspapers. DIY newspaper craft is something that has become very popular in the past few years, that is why you should also consider doing it. Here you will find a few DIY newspaper crafts ideas that you can use.

Trash Can
Making a trash can using newspaper is a very simple task, all you need is an empty container that is open in intervals. You then just have to weave the newspaper slowly and carefully around the can and your trashcan will be ready in no time.

Making envelopes using newspapers is a great way to make unique looking enveloping. Simple white envelopes look very boring, but if you use newspapers then you can get a unique look as the newspaper pages have various images and texts.

Mini Basket
You can also use DIY newspaper crafts to make mini baskets. Making a mini basket is simple but it is time taking. You simply have to fold the newspapers into strips and then weave all the strips together, such a min basket looks very beautiful and that is why you should try making it.

These were a few DIY newspaper crafts that you should know, there are many more ideas that you can find and all of them are good. Newspaper crafts is a great way to get arts and crafty, that is why you should try doing it.