House hacks to maximize space

House hacks to maximize space Now days you can see that everyone is feeling difficulty in having some extra space in houses and apartments because mostly there are smaller apartments and houses and having excessive furniture and other house use items. So to make some extra space for any new arrival is little difficult. So […]

DIY pallet chest

Are you looking to add some new furniture to your room or house, if this is so then you should consider using pallet furniture. A DIY pallet chest is one of the best options in this regard as it will not only provide you space for storage but can also be used as coffee table. […]

22 Kitchen Island Ideas

The word home decoration is a huge term and the subject is very vast in discussion. When you say home decoration then you are talking about the decoration of your entire house and of course in a house there are several rooms and areas with each demanding a different style and type of decoration. One […]

19 Home Lighting Ideas

There are several aspects involved in home decoration and not one of them can be taken lightly. Though every facet of home decoration has its own unique importance, however the one which has the most profound impact on the entire outlook of your home is your lighting. No matter how beautiful your wall covering is […]