If you have a child, you should know what learning tower means…

Your baby starts walking and so many things in your life change. Your toddler wants to know everything, see everything and take part in everything! For example, you’re cooking something in the kitchen. What will your baby do? Right you are, he or she will cry, yell, scream and make much noise. Your baby wants to know what you’re doing there!

Some brains invented how to solve the problem. It’s so easy! You just need Ikea store nearby and skillful fingers. If you have them, buy step stool Bekvam and find in Internet instructions how to make a learning tower. There is a great variety of them.

Our baby girl Vera is the same. She wants to know everything. She even used an inflatable horse to step on it and look after her mummy cooking. To be honest, my wife and I love cooking, we love to spare time at our kitchen together. We are cooking, eating, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen many times a day.  We just wanted to make daughter’s and our lives easier, so we started to learn through instructions “how to make a learning tower”. We dreamt how it would be great to cook all together; Vera would help us standing on her own “pedestal”. We chose one instruction. But there was no one step stool in our Ikea store! So we needed plan B… And we decided to make our own learning tower!

Look at the photos below and you will see how we made a learning tower and how our baby girl helped us. Without her we wouldn’t succeed, of course;)

What I used for this easy project:


4x(100cm x 4cm x 4cm)

6x(45cm x 1.9cm x 4cm)

6x(32cm x 1.9cm x 4cm)

2x (45cm x 1.2cm x 20 cm)

2x(40cm x 1.9cm x 4cm)

2x(50cm x 1.9cm x 4cm)

2x (37cm x 1.2cm x 20 cm)
2 x small size

-Slide bar lock(small size)


30 x (2mm x 60mm)

30 x (1.8mm x 50mm)

– Screws

16 x (3.5mm x 16mm)