Diy pallet chest/box ideas

Are you looking to add some new furniture to your room or house, if this is so then you should consider using pallet furniture. A DIY pallet chest is one of the best options in this regard as it will not only provide you space for storage but can also be used as coffee table. Following are the tools and material required for construction of pallet chest.


  • Chop Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Power Drill
  • Hammer
  • Reciprocating Saw


  • 2 Pallets
  • Screws and Nails
  • Scrape piece of plywood

After getting the required material the first step that you should take is to deconstruct the pallets. You can use a reciprocating saw for cutting of nails that are attached to the supports. After deconstruction of pallets, you should construct the frame. For this, you should cut down the piece of pallets as per your required size. Once you are done with the cutting of frame pieces then you require fixing these by using nails. By using nails you are done with constructing base support.

After finishing with the base support you should construct side panels. The length of these panels depends on your desired height. You can screw these to attach with the mainframe. After this construct a similar frame that you have already made but this time around put it on the top.

With this your frame is almost complete. You should now use a small piece of ripped to cover the overhang. You should also cover the edges by using ripped and attach these to the edges by using nails so that they can stay for long. To put the bottom to your frame you can use a piece of plywood and fix it with nails. You can add both handle and hinges to your trunk depending on your choice. Good luck!