Helpful Bathroom lighting ideas

Small Bathroom lighting ideas
Many of our houses has a small bathroom, which is usually constructed under stairway or any other small place which cannot be utilized as a proper room. These bathrooms can be used by both adult and children. One thing that is common among all the small bathrooms is that they demand special lighting. The important thing to know is that small bathroom lighting ideas are somehow dependent on the use of bathroom. You may need to install lights to make your small bathroom look spacious, or you are trying to make it feel cozy and warm for your dinner guests or even go for such lighting ideas that can help you feeling relax while you are reading a book in deep soak tub.

Cozy and Warm Lighting
If you have dedicated a small bathroom for your guests to freshen up before dinner than making it feeling cozy and warm will be a great idea. You can simply do this with the help of warm bathroom lighting idea. You can also use small patterned gold and deep red wall papers. You can use the ceiling lights and make them focus on work areas. Further you can also add lights on both sides of mirror above sink. This will surely make your small bathroom look gracious as well as warm.

Bright for Reading
If there is a soaking tub in your small bathroom where your children love reading books while relaxing in the tub, then you will surely need good bright lighting near the tub. Mostly there are diffuse lighting being used near the tub or shower area, which is perfectly fine for quick bath or shower. But if you are fond of reading and love reading while soaking in tub then you should use halogen or focused flood lights on the tub wall. Make sure you choose moisture proof lighting for this area.

Space Enlarging Lighting
If you are working for bathroom lighting ideas for small bathroom then you need to know that you cannot do a lot of lighting in a small area. Therefore you should rely on using indirect lighting methods. The easiest of all is to use your bathroom window for the purpose as it can provide you both warm and soft light. Other than this you can use lighting on the mirror or over the tub to make sure that you bathroom space look enlarged.