House hacks to maximize space

House hacks to maximize space
Now days you can see that everyone is feeling difficulty in having some extra space in houses and apartments because mostly there are smaller apartments and houses and having excessive furniture and other house use items. So to make some extra space for any new arrival is little difficult. So if you are also facing the same difficulty then following are some of the tips that can be really helpful for you in creating little extra space in your home.

Open Entryway
The first impression of your house comes from your entrance. So first of all you should focus on enhancing its space. You can place a bench on the entrance so that your child can place their backpacks after coming from school, or can take of their shoes. In case if you don`t have the space for bench then you should have open shelving, wall hooks, and other such things so that you can place or hang your belongings there.

Easy kitchen to cook in
Kitchen is one room in your home where you spend most of the time after coming from office. You have to cook food for your family and guests. The kitchen must be welcoming and enjoyable place. For this you have to maximize space by having vertical shelving, have drawers for food containers and dry goods.

Bathroom Essentials
Bathroom is another place which lack space and where you have to find it difficult in making extra storage. If you are sharing your bathroom with kids then you can place some extra baskets behind sink, or behind the door, so that they can place their clothes in there. Similarly you can also have shelves that can store your bathroom accessories in there.

So these are few ideas through which you can increase space in your house or apartment and store more things in less space.