12 Wooden Box Centerpieces Ideas

If you are shifting to a new house or looking to renovate your existing one, then you must also be thinking of having some new decoration items. Centerpiece is one of those things that you must consider as decoration item because it will provide a focus point as well as enhance attraction of surrounding. You can also easily make centerpiece of your own and for this wooden rustic box can serve your purpose well. You only need some hardware supplies to complete your task. The important thing about wooden rustic box is that it can easily last long for years so once you made it, it will be used for coming years. Following are the supplies that you require:
• Wood board
• Saw
• Measuring tape
• Sandpaper
• Hammer or nail gun and nail
• Rag
• Wood stain
• Plants or any other filler

First of all you have to measure and cut the board with the help of measuring tape and saw. You should cut the board to the size you want to make the box. In case if you think that you are not good at cutting the board, then you can take help from your area hardware store they will cut the boards for you.
After the boards were cut you need to hammer the nail with nail gun or hammer whatever you have. Once you are done with this then use sandpaper on all corners and edges to get rustic look for your wooden box. Now an old rag should be applied for staining the wood.
After this your wooden box centerpiece is ready to be used. Now you only have to fill it with flowers, plants or any other decoration piece you want to. This will give a good look to your entrance or center table wherever you want to place it.